Educational Support Groups


There are two types of educational support groups being offered at Cooper during February, March, April, and May.

1. "Way to Think!" Groups are for students who want to learn how to become leaders of their own thoughts and reactions.  This group is open to all Cooper students, but will be especially useful to students who want to work on managing their own anger and/or anxiety.


2. Concerned Kids Groups are for students who love someone who has a problem with alcohol or other drugs (except tobacco), for students who love someone who is in recovery, and for students who have a family history of chemical dependency.

The Kids Who Worry Group (for students who love someone who is seriously ill) will continue to have monthly reunions throughout the school year.

"Way To Go!" Groups which teach students how to achieve life success and resiliency, the ability to "bounce back" from whatever difficulty life hands them, will be back during the 2013-2014 school year

Permission slips for these groups may be obtained by clicking on the subheadings under Educational Support Groups.