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Phonetics: The Sounds of Spoken Language
This interactive application will allow students to learn about the anatomy of sounds, watch how sounds are made in the mouth, read descriptions of how to make specific sounds, and listen to recorded speech samples.
Articulation Games
Phonological awareness activities and fun games for specific speech sounds.
Speechers Articulation Activities
Fun activities to practice your target speech sounds.
The Tongue Twister Database
Say these tongue twisters aloud using your good speech sounds.
Wacky Web Tales
This website contains "Mad Libs" type stories. Choose words containing your target sound and read the story out loud to a partner using your good speech sounds.
Speech Treatment
This website contains examples on how to perform speech therapy. Click on the target sound your child is working on for specific practice.
Mommy Speech Therapy
Great website for parents.
Story - Making Machine
Create your own stories or use a pre-written story to practice your articulation skills.
Articulation Books
List of books, stories, and games that reinforce speech sound targets.
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Vocabulary Games
Online games for vocabulary development.
Language Exercises
EXPRESSIVE AND RECEPTIVE LANGUAGE exercises to practice at home.
Word Retrieval
This website is great for WORD RETRIEVAL strategies and activities.
Memory Strategies
10 Strategies to Enhance Students' Memory.
Learning Games for Kids
Fun online MEMORY games for kids.
Grammar Games
Online GRAMMAR games for kids.
Social Skills
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Social Skills Games
Online games for students to practice social skills.
Parenting Science
Social skills ideas for children and teenagers.
Friendship Circle
12 Activities to Help your Child with Social Skills.
Fluency (Stuttering)
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Just for Kids
Frequently asked questions and information for kids.
This website is great for students to explore.
Friends: The National Association of Young People who Stutter
Support for young people and families.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Information and resources on stuttering.
The Stuttering Foundation
Support, resources, and links on stuttering.
Free Stuff
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Super Duper
Fun learning materials for kids with special needs. Create a free account and have access to countless printable materials.
Handy Handouts
Free educational handouts for SLP’s, teachers, and parents.
Summer Activities
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Education World
Twenty-five Activities to Keep Kids' Brains Active in the Hot Summer Sun.
E Z School
This website contains fun games for skill building in all subject areas.

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