Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations

As you study the adaptations that your animal makes to its environment, you may come across the following terms. 

  • Continent - a large landmass on Earth
  • Climate - the normal weather conditions in a particular area
  • Habitat - the normal environment in which an organism lives
  • Predator - an organism that lives by eating other organisms
  • Prey - an organism that is eaten, or preyed upon

  • Use the links below to help you gather research for your animal.

    Michigan eLibrary
    MeL has many great resources like Britannica, Kids Infobits, and World Book.

    Fact Monster
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    Detroit Zoo

    The Detroit Zoo is home to many animals.

    National Geographic for Kids

    Find your animal and learn more about it. 

    Click on the Region button to find your animal.

    Top 10 Animal Adaptations
    Animal Planet identifies the top 10 animal adaptations. How does your animal adapt to its environment?