Cooper 5th Grade Music
Your 5th grader will experience music through vocal and instrumental instruction, as well as gain a healthy experience with musical terms, concepts, history and styles.

My Friday music schedule for the 2016-2017 school year is:

9:35 AM  Ms. Cohan's class
10:25 AM  Ms. Yost's class

1:05 PM  Ms. Stackpoole's class
1:55 PM  Ms. Licata's class
2:45 PM  Ms. Estes's class

Every 10 weeks or so we will be exploring another unit in music.  This third 10 weeks, all classes are exploring "Composers".  The morning music classes are exploring this concept through brass instruments, and the afternoon classes through string instruments.

Today in music (Friday, February 24th) several classes watched part of this amazing video of Maurice Ravel's Left Hand Concerto.  Please watch this amazing performance!!

Maurice Ravel's Left Hand Concerto

The String classes were assigned "homework" to watch a 30 minute TV program while practicing their bow holds with a pencil.  Please see the following diagram to see what your child's hand should look like when practicing the bow hold.

Image result for violin how hold