Reading Instruction
Reading Instruction

Narrative Text

Narrative text incorporates elements of a story line.  Some of these elements include character traits, setting, plot, and theme.  Your student will have the opportunity to read quality literature through access to the thousands of titles in our library.  We also have a wonderful classroom collection.

Informational Text or Expository Text

Much of our informational reading instruction comes in the form of social studies text and science text.  We will also be using MAISA units of instruction to further our knowledge of non-fiction reading. Students will be learning to read and interpret text structures, incorporating research, and learning quality note-taking skills all year long.  We pay attention to comprehension strategies in our informational reading as we do in our narrative reading.  These strategies include accessing background knowledge, asking questions, making predictions, determining importance, inferring, and synthesizing.


Reading Expectations

Students are expected to read at least 30 minutes at home, at least five days a week in addition to independent reading time in class.  In order to learn skills necessary many different writing styles and author styles there are some parameters on book choices. 

Students will have different genre requirements each trimester.  Beyond that book choices can be their own, choosing some informational as well as other free choice books. 

Many students love series books, however when reading those they only become better readers of that particular author's style of writing.  Series book choices are welcomed, however, students may only read one book from each series each card marking for credit. 

Book choices should be at a student's "just right" level and should be a length that takes 1-2 weeks to complete, again, assuring a variety of book exposure in the year.

Students need to maintain a record of their books on a Reading Record.  Upon finishing a book they need to complete a book review form.  Each marking period will have different book review forms that will be required.  

Specifics of each trimester's requirements will be sent as each trimester begins.  

For your convenience, each book review form is available on this page.  

Make sure you also check the Wonderful Websites tab for reading resources and activities.