Social Studies MC3
Sixth grade social studies curriculum utilizes the MC3 framework.  Similar to MAISA literacy units in format, these units of study have been carefully written, piloted, and revised over the last few years with the help of teachers throughout our state and our district.  My focus, since coming to Cooper eight years ago, has been solely on the district-wide initiative that has brought all classroom teachers together with Reading and Writing units that frame the basic understandings that sixth grade students need in order to be prepared for future reading and writing challenges.  This fall will be my third year teaching social studies, which I actually enjoyed much more than I ever thought I would.  I am excited to learn along with your child as we explore topics in the following units:

1.  Foundations of World Geography
2.  The World in Spatial Terms
3.  Population and Migration
4.  Culture
5.  Human/Environment Interaction
6.  Economics and World Trade
7.  Civics, Government, and Global Politics

In addition, as a Literacy Leader at Cooper, and a lover of all things reading and writing, I am looking forward to integrating strategies learned in our Reading and Writing units with this social studies curriculum.  
Students will be asked to have the following materials to socials studies class daily:
notebook, folder, scissors, glue, colored pencils, pens, pencils, planner.  My plan is to use interactive notebooks (so much fun) to gather all the basics and to focus on some learning projects that can be used in addition to tradition tests to demonstrate understanding.  

We focus a BIG chunk of our time on current events and mapping skills in Sixth Grade.  Your child will take a map quiz three times this year to develop mastery knowledge of continents, bodies of water, and countries around the world.  This quiz grows as the year progresses and study guides go home usually about two weeks prior to the quizzes.

‚ÄčThere are mapping practice games located in the My Resources page to the left.