Literacy/Daily Five
What is the Daily Five and why are we using it in sixth grade?
The Daily Five is a framework, or structure, that gives students independence and choice about their learning in reading and writing. The beauty of The Daily Five is that once your child learns the expectations for each area of literacy, they choose the course of their literacy learning for the day by prioritizing what needs to be accomplished.  The framework allows for students to remain engaged for longer periods of time, to have a voice in the work they are completing in class, and allows me to have more one on one and small group instruction time with all the students in the room.
For more information on The Daily Five, please follow this link:  The Daily Five Cafe

What does the Daily Five look like in Mrs. Martin's room?

On a daily basis, your child will have choices to make and problems to solve.  With the help of Google Classroom, your child will be engaged in literacy activities all day long that cover MAISA units in reading and writing, along with social studies curriculum, research projects, and MStep prep.  I tend to use Classroom for almost everything and am slowly getting away from paper and pencil activities, with the exception of Interactive Notebooks.

So, some days your child may spend their time just reading for pleasure.  Other days may be spent working on applying the latest writing or reading mini lesson, including Articles of the week or the use of Read Theory.  Still others might be used for completing research for social studies projects.  I work with students often during this time, assisting with problem solving and guiding discussions about where they are headed with long term assignments, of which there are many.  I do not typically meet for formal reading groups, most children at this age need just time to work and talk about what they are doing, so that is what we do in our groups.  They are very informal and fluid, which means they change often depending upon the needs of students on any given day.

Close Reading with Articles of the week

One of the things we do often in Google Classroom is practice reading and writing skills.  We use mini lessons on Close Reading strategies and Interactive Notebooks to help with that.  The Articles of the week kick in once our Non-Fiction reading unit is complete, so that we are building on our skill set and practicing it all year long.

For a sampling of Articles of the Week that may be used follow this link:

There are additional online resources, including Read Theory, on My Resources page on the left.