Classroom Information & Procedures


Cooper Handbook: As you begin the year, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the school handbook.  The handbook will help you better understand the rules and procedures at school, as well as understand what is expected and why such things are important for your child’s learning.


Leader In Me: This school year, we will continue to embark on an exciting journey, as we help our students discover the leader within them.  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People will be imbedded in all that we do at Cooper! By sharing, listening, reflecting, and learning together, students will reach their fullest potential!


Snack:  Research shows that in order for the brain to be most effective, it must be fully nourished.  This year we have second lunch from 12:10-1:00, so your child will most likely be very hungry if they don’t have a snack for the morning! I encourage children to bring a small, healthy mid-morning snack.  Some suggestions are: crackers, fruit, cheese, bagels, cut vegetables, raisins, etc.  I also encourage the children to bring in water bottles, as we do not have a drinking fountain in our classroom. 


Homework:  Students are required to read 30 minutes and complete math homework nightly.  Each card marking, students will also be asked to read at least four books and complete a book review to demonstrate their understanding of each book.  Occasionally, students will be asked to spend time at home on long-term class projects. I will send home rubrics and guidelines for projects in advance throughout the year.

Planners: Your child will be keeping track of important assignments and events in a daily planner that the school will provide. We will fill out homework as a class each day. At home, please set a consistent time with your child to review the planner and complete the homework.  I will check the planner daily to help your child stay on top of assignments.  Please sign the planner to indicate your child has completed his/her assignments. The planner is also a great place to jot me a note if you have any questions or comments.

Homework Folder: Your child will bring home all school notes and homework on a daily basis in a homework folder.  The homework folder should be reviewed and emptied daily to be up to date with what is going on in the classroom.


Newsletter:  A newsletter will be sent home once a month with information about the previous weeks and upcoming events.