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Printing Press

Create your own newspaper, brochure, booklet, or flyer.


Divisibility Rules
Explanation and practice of divisibility rules
Everyday Mathematics Parent Resources
Everyday Mathematics Online
Once students log in, they can do practice problems as well as print up study links that they are missing

Mr. Maffesoli's Math Website
Lots of links to fifth grade online math games!
Interactive games to reinforce basic multiplication facts

Cool Math 4 Kids
Fun, interactive math games.

U.S. Mint
Money games and cartoons from the U.S. mint.



Biology 4 Kids
Oceanic Search
Find out information about many of the invertebrates found in the ocean.
Kids Planet
Fact Monster
Newton's 3 Laws
This website defines and illustrates each of Newton's 3 Laws.
Chemical Elements
Find out information about the 109+ elements on the Periodic Table.
Endangered Animal List
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Song
Explanation of What Causes the Seasons
What Causes Lunar Eclipses?
Why are Solar Eclipses Only Visible in Some Places?
Lunar vs Solar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipses
Educational Movie-Eclipses
Difference Between Lunar Eclipse & New Moon
Solar Eclipses for Beginners
Lunar Eclipses for Beginners
Solar Eclipse in Northern Australia
Tides Song
The Mystery of the Earth's Tides
The Moon and Tides
Visual showing Spring and Neap Tides
Phases of the Moon Rap
Mass vs Weight Cartoon with Nigel & Martin
Mass vs Weight Song
Mass vs Weight Cartoon
Prof. Mac Explains Newton's 1st Law of Motion
Newton's 1st Law in Space
Newton's Laws of Motion Songs
Newton's 2nd Law video
Newton's 2nd Law Examples
Newton's 2nd Law Football Example
Laws of Gravity Song
Derk's 3 Incorrect Laws of Motion
Bill Nye-Pulleys and Wheels
The Aerodynamics of Flight
4 Forces of Flight Song
How to Make a Paper Airplane
Billy Nye: Magnets and Magnetism

All Subjects

Khan Academy
This website contains videos on many subjects. You can type in a topic in Search to find an educational video.
Fun and Educational Games and Activities for Kids

Academic Skill Builders
Games for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integers, decimals, money, fractions, time, geography, and language arts

Fun Brain
Math games
National Geographic for Kids
Comic Creator
Create your own comic strip! You choose the characters, setting, props, and words.
Book Adventure
Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. You can search a book database by grade level and interests.