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I will be teaching the fifth grade curriculum this year. My teaching partner is Mr. Ronald Mark. He will be teaching both his class and my class science and I will be teaching both classes social studies. We usually trade three times a week and adjust that schedule as needed.

I have been teaching since 1977. I started my career with Detroit Public Schools where I taught language arts in middle school for ten years and fifth and sixth grades for two. I have been with Livonia Public Schools since 1989. I was at Cleveland Elementary for 16 years where I taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade.

I had a sabbatical for a year and earned a Master's Degree in Creative Drama and Theater for the Young. I use much of what I learned in our classroom. In some cases, the students will learn required curriculum through drama activities like role-playing, puppetry and mime.

I am married and have son and a daughter who attended Livonia Public Schools and graduated from Churchill High School. They have both graduated from college. I am also mom to our dog, Frisbee. I am active in community theater and an avid reader.

I hope to create a caring community in our classroom. I try to have an interactive relationship with each of my students. I actively support the Cooper Core Four--Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Caring.  I try to nurture a love of reading and writing so that the kids will have these skills for life. We will continue using Everyday Math this year. The workshop format for reading and writing should be familiar to your child.

I am always open to your questions or concerns. I know that children show more progress when teachers and parents work together to support learning.

Please see the supply list under the "School News" button to the left.

It is best to contact me through email ( as I don't often check my voicemail.  I also ask the students for notes each morning.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing the joy your children will bring to fifth grade!

Mrs. Krekeler