My Links
Explore a variety of subjects like science, history, art and economics to name a few.


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Explore a variety of subjects on this site like science, history, art and economics to name a few.

National Geographic for Kids
Enjoy interactive games like: Go West with Lewis and Clark, plus activities and experiments.

Mr. Nussbaum
This site contains many subjects, games and activities to challenge yourself and to get the practice that you need. My favorite is the Drag and Drop Math.

Language Arts
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Grammar Gorillas
Feed the gorillas bananas by identifying correct parts of speech in a sentence.

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AAA Math
Practice your math skills while using interactive games with immediate feedback. Topics include: fractions,decimals, geometry, and percents plus many more. Activities are sorted by grade level up to eighth grade and is also available in a Spanish version.

Math Baseball
Improve your basic math skills while playing baseball. Run the bases by getting correct answers.

Mr. Maffesoli's Resources
Visit this site to have access to many interactive math activities in many grade levels.

Everyday Math Resources
Parents/Guardians, this link will provide you with a copy of the Home Link pages, answer keys, and Family Letters that will provide you with an overview and insight as to what your child will be learning in each unit. There are a total of 8 units.  Please note: this year Livonia Public Schools has adopted the Everyday Math EM4 Edition, so make sure you click on the EM4 link for 5th grade. Here you will find valuable information to help support your child at home. 

How to Use a Protractor
This site gives a brief introduction on how to use a protractor. It also contains vocabulary and defines different types of angles, gives examples and practice. It is a great interactive site for students to visit often to improve their geometry knowledge.

How to Divide
Students can review how to do traditional long division. The steps are clearly outlined and there are a variety of levels to choose from for extra practice.

MathSlice for Kids
Students can multiply fractions, find percentages, area and more. 5th Grade alone contains 268 skills for students to practice.

Long Division with Coolmath4kids
Students can view the steps to long division and then do some practice problems. For this site you might want to have paper and a pencil handy.

Practice Math Quizzes
Test your math knowledge by taking a practice quiz. Many, many math topics to choose from.

Divisibility Quiz Generator
Create a personalized divisibility quiz to practice your divisibility rules. Different skill levels available and also self-checking. Answers are given.

Fearsome 15
Study these 15 facts to improve your mastery of the multiplication facts. Once you learn your 1's, 2's, 5's 10's and doubles. There are only 15 left to study.