Classroom Policies
Classroom Policies

Communication:  If you have concerns or questions you may call the school, 734 744 2710 , leave a message or e-mail at, or jot a note down in your child's planner.

Book Orders:  Your child may order from the Scholastic or Arrow book Clubs.  With your order we are able to receive free books for the class.  Please return the order form with a check made out to Scholastic Book Club  or you can order online.

Bullying Statement:  Our classes have taken a stance on acceptable behavior toward others.  The following statement is displayed in each of our classrooms: BE responsible, caring, trustworthy and respectful.  We call this the Cooper Core Four.  Class meetings take place throughout the school year to discuss strategies for handling bullying behavior.

Homework:  Assignments not completed in class become homework.  These assignments are due the next day. An INC will be written in the planner for assignments that are not turned in on time.

School Absence:  If your child is has a communicable disease please notify the office.  If they are out for three or more days please feel free to tell the office that you would like the homework sent down. 

Snacks:  A nutritious snack such as fruit, vegetables or crackers may be brought to school.  Water bottles may be brought but please make sure that they have a secure top.

Assignment Books:  At the end of the day, all students are asked to fill out their assignment book.  You will notice that a C or an HW may be placed next to a subject area.  If the assignment was done in class they will put a C next to it.  An HW means that it was not finished or that it is homework that needs to be completed.  I do ask that you look over these daily and sign.  I also check them each morning and will star if signed or sad face if there is no signature.