School Improvement

Cooper Upper Elementary is a data-driven school.  We focus our school improvement efforts around three basic questions:

1. What do we want students to know and be able to do?  

In the area of reading--we expect students to be able to effectively summarize varied types of non-fiction/informational texts.

In the area of writing--we expect students to compose non-fiction/informational texts that are clearly focused and contain rich and relevant detail.

In the area of mathematics--we expect students to be competent with basic numerical operations and facts.  Additionally, we expect students to successfully complete the units of study in both the EveryDay Mathematics Program (grade five) AND the Connected Mathematics Program (grade six).

2. How do we know when/if students have learned the content we want them to learn?

Frequent assessments are needed in order for our staff to determine core competency of a student in each of the "essential content" areas listed above. 

In the area of writing, student progress is evaluated with writing assessments developed by Cooper staff and scored against a state benchmark for competency.  

In the area of reading, student progress is evaluated with summarizing assessments developed by Cooper staff and scored against a rubric developed by the state and revised by our district and school literacy leaders.

In the area of mathematics, student progress is evaluated  by utilizing building developed assessments that are scored against a benchmark established by best practice and our school and district mathematics leaders.

3. What do we do as a school community if students do not learn what we need them to learn?  

When students do not demonstrate competency in any area targeted by our school improvement planning process, teachers are expected to utilize our Pyramid of Intervention Process. This process allows for the classroom teacher to seek additional support for themselves and for the student in a variety of tailored ways.  Failure is not an option at Cooper, and we work hard  as a collective staff to make sure that all students are provided with multiple opportunities to demonstrate competency and success in all of our school improvement areas.  

We invite parents to become involved and ask to see their child's assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics on a regular basis. Together, we can insure that Cooper students leave us ready to succeed at middle school and beyond!  

To access the 2017-18 School Improvement Plan, please click here.