Reader's and Writer's Workshop are major components of a research based literacy program currently being adopted by Livonia schools. It is expected that all students receive 120 minutes of literacy instruction each day.

Reader's Workshop is one key piece in a balanced literacy day. Increasing comprehension and stamina are imperative for becoming proficient readers. Each student reads an individually appropriate, or just right book. Short, targeted mini lessons are woven into each day incorporating different reading strategies (asking questions, making connections, visualizing, etc.), followed up with sharing of some sort. During the workshop, teachers confer with individual students and meet with small groups for various needs.

Writer's Workshop is a mirror of Reader's Workshop. Students are asked to write for a real audience with an authentic purpose. Teachers demonstrate and model for students specific lessons and ask them to apply their learning into their personal notebooks. This gives children the opportunity to strengthen their skills towards becoming a proficient writer. Again, teachers confer, or meet with small groups of children for specific needs.

Within both workshops, children are immersed in a wide variety of text structures, such as narrative, informational, technical and reflective materials. Word study, grammar and spelling are infused throughout, focusing on how students can apply these skills to their personal reading and writing.