Useful Science Links
What is a Scientist? (Maddie Moate)

What is a Scientist?

Bill Nye Measurement

Bill Nye: Do It Yourself Science
Earth's Rotation and Revolution-Crash Course Kids 8.1
Rotate and Revolve Song
Seasons and the Sun-Crash Course Kids
Bill Nye Seasons Episode
Why Do We Have Seasons?
Reason for the Seasons
Science Court: Seasons

Crash Course Science: Moon Phases
Bill Nye: Moon Phases
Mr. Lee-Phases of the Moon Rap
The Universe-The Phases of the Moon
Moon Phases Song-Mr. Parr
Bill Nye Moon Episode
Bill Nye Sun Episode
Bill Nye Space Exploration

What is a Lunar Eclipse? 
What is a Solar Eclipse?

Eclipses: How & Why Education Video for Kids
Eclipses: Crash Course Astronomy
Weird Science: Learn About Solar & Lunar Eclipses
What's the Difference Between Solar & Lunar Eclipses? (Physics Girl)
2015 Solar Eclipse (SciShow Kids)
Lunar Eclipses (SciShow Kids)
Lunar Eclipses for Beginners (Mr. Eclipse)
Understanding Lunar Eclipses (NASA)
Eclipses for Kids (NeoK12))
Solar and Lunar Eclipses (Duckster)
Solar Eclipses (Space Facts)

Moon Phases: Crash Course Astronomy
Why Do We Only See 1 Side of the Moon?

The Rocky Planets (Crash Course Kids)
The Gas Giants (Crash Course Kids)

Tides (Crash Course Astronomy)
How Do Tides Work?
Astronomy Know How-Tides
Ocean Tides (Duckster)

All About the Planets
Asteroids and Comets
What are Asteroids?
What is a Comet?
Meet the 5 Dwarf Planets
Explore the Solar System: The Rocky Planets
Explore the Solar System: The Gas Giants'
Bill Nye Planets and Moons
Bill Nye: Asteroids & Comets

The Tortoise and the Hare
Physical Science for Children: Motion and Balance

Sports Science: The Speed of Softball
Speed and Velocity in Their Simplest Terms
Speed and Velocity
Soaring into Science: Force and Motion
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Types of Friction
Slipping, Sliding Science (Friction)
Friction in Baseball
Science Max: Friction

Physical Science for Children: Forces & Gravity
Science Court: Inertia
Levers Video
SciShow Kids: Levers
Science of Gulf: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws

Cartoon Treat: Mass vs Weight
Mass vs Weight Introduction
Mass vs Weight Song

Newton's 2nd Law-MacMillan Space Center
Newton's 2nd Law-Hubble Space Center
Newton's 2nd Law-makemegenius
Newton's 2nd Law Demonstration
Professor Mac Explains Newton's 2nd Law
Newton's 2nd Law-Science of NFL Football

Disney Imagineering: 3 Laws of Motion
Disney Imagineering: Friction
Need a Lift? Try Pulleys (SciShow Kids)
Wheels and Axles
Physical Science for Children: All About Simple Machines
Magic School Bus Plays Ball
Inclined Planes
SciShowKids: Ramps
Screws & Wedges

Science Court: Work and Simple Machines
What are Simple Machines? Design Squad

Bill Nye: Simple Machines

Newton's Laws of Motion Song

SciShow Kids: How to Make Paper Airplanes
How to Make Paper Airplanes
Howcast Making Paper Airplanes
The Aerodynamics of Flight
How Do Planes Fly?

Physical Science for Children: Magnets
Science Court: Magnets
Science Court: Electric Current
Bill Nye: Static Electricity
How Static Electricity Works

Science Max: Attraction and Forces (2019)
Spinning Tops for Kids

Friction in the Olympic Sport of Curling
Science Friction: Curling
The Friction Song
Friction: Hot Wheels Lab

Newtons Laws of Motion: Action and Reaction
Bill Nye: Newton's 3rd Law
Newton's 3 Laws in Sports

Bill Nye Simple Machines
Electromagnets-How Do They Work
How Does An Electromagnet Work?
The Science Behind Magnets

What is an Atom? Basics for Kids
What is an Atom?

John Wardley on Designing Roller Coasters (Part 1)
John Wardley on Designing Roller Coasters (Part 2)
Roller Coaster Physics
Discovery Channel: Engineering Thrills (Part 1)
Roller Coasters: The Physics Behind the Fun
Top 10 Roller Coasters in the World 2017
Magnum First Seat POV
Millennium Force First Seat POV

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Demo
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces (5th Grade)
Animation: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces