Weekly Spelling Words
     The spelling assessments will be every Monday.  The new words will go out on Tuesday.  They will do the sort in class, find small words in the big word, count the syllables, and make new words from chunks.  They will have homework every Tuesday and Thursday for word study.  Tuesdays will always be five quality sentences with a rubric. The other day will be a variety of activities like creating a new sort, alphabetical order, and building words.  I will select the activities and they will be assigned for homework.
     There will be two spelling groups.  I gave an assessment that helped me place your students.  There will be some students that will get additional word work during reading group time if they are still struggling with vowels, blends, and some basic sight words.

Weekly list:
berry  bury  cellar  very  seller  flour  weather  bored  vary  hire  desert  board  flower  whether  metal  chews  higher  aloud  allowed  dessert  medal  merry  choose  marry  they're  there  their

Weekly List 10-20 to 10 - 27

couldn't  who's  could've  they'll    wouldn't  there's  would've  that'll  aren't  here's  should've  this'll  weren't  where's  might've  she'll  doesn't  he'll  hasn't  you'll  don't  what's  who'll

Weekly List 1-9 1-14
hopped, hoped, joined, acted, planned, saved, waited, wamted, grabbed, closed, mixed, helped, nodded, scored, shouted, started, stirred, stepped, named, passed, dropped, chewed, lived, seemed