Ms. Cohan
Welcome to Ms. Cohan's Sixth Grade Classroom    

  Welcome to Ms. Cohan's web page.  I hope you will find the calendar a helpful tool.  I am new to creating and using  this web program, so be patient.  I will work hard to gain the knowledge needed to expand  and improve my web site. 
     I have been working in Livonia Public Schools for 24 years.  In that time I have taught second, third, and fourth grade.  I earned my degree from M.S.U. and am working slowly to earn my masters degree.  I have served on the district reading and formative assessment committees.  In my class we will work diligently to use rubrics to set target goals and have a focus for our learning.  The students will learn to assess their work to set goals for improvement and to celebrate their achievements.  These rubrics help me set up small group instruction, so each child can master the objectives.
     My philosophy of learning  is that parents, students, and teachers work together to achieve our sixth grade learning targets.  I believe all children can learn, but we don't all learn in the same way.  That is why I use a variety of learning opportunities.  We work in groups, independently, do hands on activities, as well as individual in your seat assignments.  We use all our senses to absorb the material.  Finally, I believe children have to take risks and not be afraid to get a wrong answer.  I know we are going to have a productive  and caring learning environment.

Linda Cohan