Classroom Basics, Policies, and Procedures

A few things you should know about sixth grade (in my room):

Parent/School Communication and Missing Assignments

EMAIL and Planners: The best way to maintain contact with me throughout the school year is email,, I usually check a few times a day. If your message is time sensitive, please call the office to leave a message in my mailbox or have me paged.  I NEVER check voice mail as it never seems to work properly.

Your child's planner will come home daily and should be inside a take home folder. Please sign it after you have checked for messages, updates, homework, and other information.  Please use this planner as tool to keep yourself informed, your child organized, and to communicate to me when email is not an option.

I will circle your child's planner pages in red if an assignment is not turned in on time. I give time at recess for students who need a quiet space to work; but ultimately it is YOUR CHILD'S responsibility to turn in work on time and to let me know when they need extra help or time. I do not make it a habit to call parents about missing work as I view sixth grade is a training year for middle school and beyond. My goal is to help your child take ownership of their learning and develop strategies to stay on top of work expectations. I take this very seriously and set pretty high standards, so extra time is not generally given unless there are extenuating circumstances. If needed, you may shoot me a quick email whenever you need a current missing assignment tally.

I will be using to send out last minute messages and reminders. Choose either text message or email when you register. It may also be a good idea to have your child register their cell phone too. This will be my 5th year using this app and I find it very helpful for parents and students and I encourage you to utilize it often. It also has a chat feature and a way to upload photos of work so that kids and parents can share information with me and with each other in a safe way.
Please know that text charges may accumulate depending on your texting plans and the amount of times I use the service to send out messages. If your phone has limited texting I would suggest providing an email instead that you check often, or plan to use your child's planner daily.

My registration phone number is 734-365-7527. If you want updates for my homeroom students enter the code @martinsh.  

**If your child is in Mr. Aaron's classroom and only coming to see me for math, please use the link here to sign up for my remind account for MR. AARON'S STUDENTS ONLY!

Goal Setting, LIM, and Responsibility

Daily goals will be posted in our classroom in all subjects so that your child can tell exactly what they are supposed to be learning and how that learning will be measured. Your child will also be expected to set individual goals for learning and behavior each trimester in the LIM binders. These binders generally stay in the classroom, but there may be some days when it will come home for signatures or small work assignments to be completed as a family. I tend to do a ton of goal setting in my room and place a great deal of responsibility for meeting those goals on the children I teach. My goal is to get them as independent and responsible as possible so they can be successful in the future years of education.  That being said, it is okay to not "bail" your child out if they forget something at home.  I am a pretty firm believer in the power of natural consequences, even with my own children.  Phone calls home for missing assignments, gear, permission slips, instruments, etc will be strongly discouraged.

Mastery Learning and Extra Help

I believe in mastery learning, which means that any assignment in class can be redone by your child in order to achieve a higher grade. My conditions to this are that the work is resubmitted to me within a week and that they fix their "mistakes" with minimal guidance at home. Middle school preparation needs natural consequences, and missing assignments are recorded as zeroes in my grade book until turned in. Therefore, it is your child's responsibility to stay in when help or extra time is needed to complete work.