Classroom Information

Classroom Donations

If you are able, you are welcome to donate the following items to our classroom at any time:

  • Tissue
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Plastic baggies
  • School Supplies
  • Games no longer used at home for indoor recess 

Thank you! We greatly appreciate it!



Please try to bring a healthy, snack to school in the morning, as well as, a water bottle marked with your name.  Some suggestions for healthy snacks include:  fruits, vegetables, pretzels, cheese, crackers, and other items low in sugar and salt.  Items that I prefer you do not send with your child include: chips, candy, sugary treats, and other similar items, which might lower your child’s energy level throughout the day.  Due to allergies in the building, I would also like to ask that parents try not to send in items containing peanuts.

    Birthday treats are more than welcome in our classroom! I am happy to help your child celebrate his/her special day. 
 There are 29 students in our class this year. Please keep treats to something small that can easily be passed out. (already bagged goodies, cupcakes, brownies, etc.)  Also please include anything needed such as napkins. Thank you! Summer birthdays will be celebrated on half-year birth dates if your child would like to celebrate with us while in school.

Our Specials Schedule

** Please stay tuned for the specials schedule for the 2014-15 school year.**

Monday - P.E.

Tuesday -  IT

Wednesday -

Thursday - Library and P.E.

Friday -

**Very Important...Please remember appropriate tennis shoes for P.E.