I team teach with Mr. Aaron.  He will teach your child science while I cover math concepts with both of our classes.   I got the better end of this deal, for sure!

Sixth grade math is taught using BIG IDEAS math and an interactive notebook.  We will use many online resources, including and online text that comes with tools you can use at home to help your child practice skills (and self grade too).
*  Understanding math vocabulary is very important.  You can expect that your child will be asked to study and apply vocabulary throughout the unit of study and that knowledge of these new words will also be assessed as needed during each unit.
* Your child should have a spiral math notebook and textbook that travels to and from school daily.  While he or she may not always have homework, I do expect that all assignments in class are completed daily and any homework is turned in on time.  Reviewing notes taken in class nightly may help you assess where your child needs additional support.  Any assignments may be redone for a higher grade if the corrections are made and submitted within one week of the assignment being returned for student review.  Please see my notes on the first page of my website for more information.  
*  Homework may vary from day to day, so check your child's planner often. Most homework will be problems from the textbook to be worked in your child's spiral notebook or on loose paper and could be daily depending upon your child's use of time in class.
*  One of the key transitions this year is a move to more traditional forms of math, specifically long division and multiplication taught in a traditional method.  Although children may still use EDM math strategies that will help them learn and complete their assignments, I will be teaching strictly traditional computation methods as that is the preferred method in the middle school and part of my job this year is to help your child make that transition smoothly.
*  Finally, please know that my job is to help your child help themselves and take charge of their education (time to get ready for middle school).  I am available nearly every day at recess for smaller group or one on one tutoring, but it is up to your child to seek out that additional help. If you and your child would like to talk to me about math concerns, you can set up an appointment through my email or by sending in a note with your child.  Again, this is up to your child to take charge of doing,one of the biggest things they need to learn to do this year is take hold of their learning and know when to seek out additional help.

Math units covered in sixth grade:

  • Numerical Expressions and Factors
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Algebraic Expressions and Properties
  • Areas of Polygons
  • Ratios and Rates
  • Integers and the Coordinate Plane
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Surface Area and Volume
  • Statistical Measures
  • Data Displays
There are math games and helpful links on the My Resources page to the left.