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Cooper’s Pyramid of Intervention is a multi-tiered model that supports students experiencing academic difficulty. It is a building-based, collaborative support system that helps educators provide research-based learning intervention strategies, which target essential skills and content.

Cooper Core 4
The foundational theme of Cooper’s Pyramid of Intervention is the Cooper Core 4, which includes being caring, respectful, responsible, and trustworthy. These traits are encompassed in all students’ daily learning experiences.

Level I Intervention
Core instructional interventions begin in all general education classrooms at Cooper. Universal screening occurs at this level. Intensive literacy and math programs include small group instruction and support from building-based specialists. All classroom teachers model and reinforce the Cooper Core 4 through daily classroom community meetings.

Level II Intervention
Increased support is given to students when essential skills have not been demonstrated. Scaffolded instruction is provided in the classroom when general education teachers co-teach with resource room teachers. Building-based literacy leaders, math leaders, and the learning specialist often model lessons and provide additional resources for differentiated instruction in the classroom. Three times a year Cooper offers numerous after school clubs for students’ enjoyment. Clubs are also offered during the school day. Cooper welcomes and deeply appreciates the community volunteers who regularly give of their time in support of our learners. In the summer, Cleveland (K-4), Hayes (K-4), Cooper (5-6) and Emerson (7-8) team up to provide a four week learning opportunity, referred to as Camp Emerson, for 100 designated 4th, 5th,6th, and 7th grade students.

Level III Intervention
Students for whom Levels I and II interventions have not proven successful will receive targeted skill instruction in and/or out of the classroom. This intervention is delivered by any number of building-based specialists including, literacy leaders, math leaders, learning specialist, Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) providers, social worker and/or psychologist.

Level IV Intervention
Students who continue to struggle in the targeted skill areas receive support from the Cooper’s Instructional Support Team (IST), consisting of the teacher consultant, psychologist, social worker, learning specialist, ESAP providers, and resource room teachers. A member of the IST consults one on one with the classroom teacher to develop ongoing academic, and if necessary, behavior plans. Additionally, the IST tracks student progress and works collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support the student’s ultimate success.

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