(Look around. No one site will give you all the information you need.)

MeL - The Michigan eLibrary is the portal to Britannica, World Book for Kids, and Kids InfoBits.

ImageQuest - This site contains millions of images that we have the license to use in your projects.

Planet Symbols from NASA – This site displays a symbol for each of the planets as well as an explanation at the bottom of the page.

Nine Planets – This site offers introductions to the nine planets, their satellites and other Solar System objects, including asteroids, comets and Kuiper Belt Objects.

JPL Planets – This site will be useful for our planet research project. It includes the important data for each planet.

NASA Solar System – This site includes important data for each planet and more.

Enchanted Learning Astronomy – Great site for simple planetary data that is very kid friendly. It includes a table comparing the planets.

Windows to the Universe – Contains information on all the planets.

Curious about Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer – There is an archive of questions that students have asked real astronomers as well as a list of astronomy sites to visit. You also have the chance to get your own questions answered by an astronomer.

National Geographic Virtual Solar System 
– Not a lot of information but a very cool site! Some features only work on a PC.

Kids Astronomy – Kid friendly planet data.

Your Weight On Another Planet – Type in your weight and select your planet to see how much you weigh!

NASA’s Photojournal – Lots of pictures for your digital story.

Astronomical Distance Converterory!