Social Studies Links
International Pizza Delivery (Latitude/Longitude)

Purpose Games: Longitude and Latitude

Oceans and Continents Location Game

Laitude and Longitude Game-ABCYa 

Find the City and State (Latitude/Longitude)

Rags to Riches (Latitude and Longitude)

Latitude Longitude Map Match Game

Where in the World? (Latitude/Longitude Game)

Crash Course: Landforms
Geography: Mountains, Rivers & Lakes
Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water
Tour the States

Tour of the World Video

Bering Land Bridge Theory

Art & Story in Totem Poles
Canada Totem Poles
An Introduction to Totem Poles at Sitka National Historical Park

Native Americans of the Southwest & California Intermountain

Pueblos: Native Americans of the Southwest

Archaeology A to Z: Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology

Henry Hudson Sails the Half Moon

Henry Hudson PBS Learning

Bill Nye: Archaeology

Biography of Christopher Columbus

Exploring the New World: Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus Cartoon Movie

Exploring the World: Jamestown and Plymouth

Mr. Betts Class Roanoke Song

Mr. Bretts Class Jamestown Song

Mr. Betts Class The Pilgrims

Mr Bretts Class Moving to the Colonies Song

Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims

Southern Colonies

Henry Box Brown Book Reading

Did You Know Henry Box Brown?

School House Rock: The Preamble

Liberty's Kids: We the People

Latitude & Longitude is Useful  Song (Singing History Teachers)

Dr. Nagler's Laboratory: Latitude & Longitude

Latitude & Longitude (Andy Jensen)

Landforms (Free School)

Landforms (Crash Course Kids)

Types of Maps and Map Grids

In Search of Roanoke (Part 1)

In Search of Roanoke (Part 2)

Mr. Brett's Class: Roanoke

From New Amsterdam to New York

Mr. Brett's Class: Massachusetts Bay Colony

Secrets of the Underground Railroad

The Middle Colonies

Comparing the Colonial Regions

Life in the 13 Colonies (Mr. Beats)

Articles of Confederation (Mr. Bett)

Crash Course SS: Separation of Powers

The Articles of Confederation:The Constitution Before the Constitution

The Constitutional Convention (Mr. Betts Class)

Crash Course History: The Constitution, Articles of Confederation

Article 1: The Legislative Branch

Liberty Kids: "We the People" (Constitution)

The Houses of Congress Explained

How is Power Divided in the US Government

School House Rock: I'm Just a Bill

Adventure Island Map Grid Game

Interactive Map Games

Cyber Chase Bike Route Game

School House Rock: The Preamble

Amazing Underwater Archaeology

John Smith: PBS Learning

What was the French and Indian War?

Mr. Betts French and Indian War

Michigan Open Textbook

The Boston Massacre

What Was the Tea Act?